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Thursday, February 26, 2009

And they're off!

The new website - - is up and running and getting a lot of traffic!

Are you wondering what the first pattern that was bought was? It happened about an hour after the site opened! Talk about nearly breaking down the door when it comes to a website!

It was Galen... and the pattern for the dress too!
Here is Galen - along with the other Critter Collection Barnyard Friends. The patterns can be purchased individually or in a combo pack for a discount - the discount being buy 2 get one half off - not too bad for a deal!

Here is the direct link to Galen..
Galen the Goat is the one on the right...
Also shown is Parker the Pig and Cameron the Cow

What else has been popular?
Monsters! Monsters! And more monsters!

Meet Dewey....

and 3 Eye Guy...

And the Robots are the talk of the universe!

Tobor and Cyclopsbot - both finishes are in the same pattern!

And then there's Mr. Roberto and his friend Mr. Roberto...

And Bubba Bubblebot who has been a favorite as well!

My kids are more in to space ships and rockets - and I have them - or at least I used to have them - they confiscated them and they are now in their rooms... I'll have to make more for Etsy I suppose...
Introducing Light Speed!

And the last picture I'm going to put up right now is another rocket... Warp Drive

Come and visit - I have new lower prices. They will not be lowered again until a sale is planned - which won't be until Summer.... so get out your hooks and create something great then send me an email with some fun pictures and I'll upload them to the site in the Gallery of Greatness - which will be appearing soon!

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