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Monday, March 16, 2009

The Cat has a name and the cows have been corralled!

Curiosity the Cat has been released on - check out this feisty feline here.. Crocheted Animals Category He didn't have a name but then Curiosity got the better of me and out with El Gato and in with Curiosity!

Have you been wondering what that last bovine looks like? She's out for testing - so who knows - those cows might actually be up by the end of the week - we'll see how fast those testers of mine can whip these guys up lol...!

I will be back on the design couch tonight with a new project in mind.... I'm going to keep it a secret since I don't even know what I am going to end up making yet! I am going to let the yarn tell me what to create after I go to the yarn closet, close my eyes, reach in and grab a few skeins of yarn.. whatever I pull out is going to become my next project! Who knows what I will end up with!!

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