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Saturday, March 7, 2009

New Free pattern and another monster on the way!

It has been a few days since I have updated my blog and I am so sorry! I have been super busy. Next week is the school's book fair and I was helping set up and then took a day off and did some errands and just tooled about town hitting thrift stores looking for elusive bargainy goodness :) I did end up finding some super fabric at a rummage sale. Gotta love a good rummage sale!!

I have uploaded Buster Bunny. He is my latest free pattern!
He can be found here....

Now on to what is around the corner...

Can you Monoster?
Yes... the mono eyed monster.
There is 3 Eye Guy and now there is Monoster... He is out for testing right now and hopefully will be debuting on the site before the weekend is over!
I will certainly let you know when he is up and looking around the site..

I can say he will be in the Creatures & Monsters category here...

The first of the Smidgens are soon to reach the site as well. They are being tested as well! The first set of Smidgens are animals - cute pets - a dog, cat and rabbit... the next set are going to be robots and the third set will be monsters...!

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