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Friday, March 27, 2009

Rawr! It's Plato!

Plato is done! And already up on the site!
I wanted to keep him all secretive and hush hush until I unveiled him. I do like a bit of a mystery and suspense every now and again....
But he's here...
Plato the Stegosaurus

Anyhoo..... Here is Plato and his other friend, Plato. Two finishes for the price of one hahaha. You can either go fun with the basic triangles or go for a slightly more accurate creation....

And did you notice where he was put? In a Prehistoric category! Hmmm... Could that mean there will be more Triassic, Jurassic, Cretaceous - maybe even Cenzoic creations in the future?
We'll see... I have moved on to something else though but sadly for you dino lovers, it is not another dino...

On another note - can you believe that Buster the Bunny and that the Caron Sock Monkey Toy have both been downloaded over 500 times already? That raindrop can not even come close to beating that! Not that I am slagging the serene raindrop but I don't see her catching up to those two any time in the near future!


  1. Love the smaller cousins of the dino you made for Creative Home. That one in the magazine is monstrous! ^_^

  2. Yes it was huge, wasn't it?! Caron liked their stuffed critters on the large side. I'm going to be working on even smaller dinos in the upcoming months. I have a looooong list of things on my to do list!