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Monday, July 6, 2009

Attack of the Hairmet!!

So not everything goes exactly as you envision.... and even though it takes hours for you to create something it just needs to go away... far away....

Case in point.
Take the Hairmet.
I have a new series of dolls that will be debuting in the near future on and I was thinking how cool would it be to crochet the hair in one piece in different hair styles - kind of like those weird dolls that have formed hair ya know?.. Okay. yes, there should have been a warning beacon going off right there... but it had been on my mind so I HAD to do it.

Not everything pans out the way you have it all pictured in your mind. Take the Edsel for instance yet somehow that ridiculous Segway is somehow lingering on and being pushed. Utterly ridiculous.

So behold the Hairmet. Nipped in the bud long before it goes out to the world but I thought I would share the hairmet in all of its horrific glory since we all have been there - making something that you envision and it just doesn't turn out the way you plan it...
My husband took one look at it and said "Is that hair?? I thought it was a hood" he then said it looked like a helmet so it has become the Hairmet.... before I buried it in the back yard and put it out of its misery I had to get a few snapshots of it so that it can be giggled at from time to time. I think it reminds me of the Ewoks hood thingy in Star Wars.....

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