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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Something Wicked This Way Comes...

I have been threatening to make this pattern for a long time and I am just thrilled with the end result! There is no other pattern online that I was able to find that even comes close to this guy! So you can say hey, I saw it at first!

There was an obscure Halloween crochet booklet that came out in the early 80's that had a skeleton pattern but it was very cartoony and all the bones were made separately and then you had to go and sew the joints all together and the skull looked more like a balloon than a skull and the pelvic bones were just flattened circles pretty much - just not very realistic. I vowed to make a skeleton that even the most gothic crocheters would love - and the boys - and the Sinbad lovers - and anyone who loves Halloween or Day of the Dead - just a good fun, slightly creepy because it can not always be cute and cuddly.....
Introducing the Realistic Bona Fide Skeleton.
How on Earth did he get that name??? Well, "Realistic Skeleton" just was too boring for me. I like to have pattern names with a little pizazz... Yes, I know, I know not all of mine do but whenever I can I try to.... So with the help of the handy dandy thesaurus I looked up "realistic" and "bona fide" came up and all I could think of was O Brother Where Art Thou? and Holly Hunter saying that He's bona fide and I was sold... okay, and it did help that it had bona in it - get it? bona - bone... I know, I know. I only amuse myself sometimes.

So there is the story of how the skeleton came to be.

He'll be up on the site by Friday so keep an eye out!!!


  1. wow...that's a lot of pieces.

  2. Ya know it really wasn't that bad. I really tried to keep it as simple yet detailed as I could.

  3. I've started making your skeleton pattern- one question- it says in the pattern to only stuff when indicated- but the only indication to stuff is for the skull- are the other bones stuffed? They look like they are in the picture. I saw some indications to not stuff the shoulder and pelvic bones . . . I've been known to misread patterns- I thought I'd ask before I get too far along as it's easier to stuff as I go with long skinny bits (like the spine) Thanks, Shannon

  4. There are a few bones that are stuffed and notated in the pattern. There is an error that only you have noticed - the spine should also be stuffed. The rest of the bones that should be stuffed are notated properly in the pattern - there are arm and leg bones that also need to be stuffed.