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Friday, February 27, 2009

Buster Bunny is just around the corner!

Buster Bunny is hot off the design couch! He is already in the trusted arms of one of my testers and hopefully he will be unleashed to the world by the end of the weekend - just in time for him (or her) to be created and hidden until the Easter bunny leaves him (or her) in some soon to be spoiled kids!

Now my kids would much rather get an Easter robot, bent on world destruction as opposed to a mild mannered rodent with oversized ears but hey... boys will be boys!

Of course I will let you know when he is available...

Also in the hands of my trusty team of testers is Monoster... the one eyed monster. He will be making his debut on the website sometime next week...

I have also begun to work on a new series of creatures where the placement of arms, legs and tails will be history! The Perfect Placement series are one of my next visions to make it to paper and yarn.

My husband has requested that in honor of Google indexing quite a few of the pages of my site I should create a Googlebot which I will - of course I can't use the name Google in it so I will be a bit creative with naming it as well.... but that might actually get put above the Perfect Placement series just to make him happy. Gotta make The Man happy ya know. He is after all the computer brains behind the operation and if he requests something, better snap to it!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

My most recent quilt

I never thought I would like quilting. When I used to think of quilts I would think of the stuffy boring grandma looking stuff that I remember when I was growing up - but man! I tell you what I like it! I like it a lot! I really do! I have only made a few so far but I really enjoy it. In fact.. I *should* be doing some quilting right now. I have a Craftster swap coming up and I want to include a little something something in that package - and it is due on Monday! But alas. I have a sick child at home - two days in a row now. Yesterday I sat on the couch next to him as we watched hours of Animal Planet's Most Extreme and a variety of History Channel shows on ancient worlds, battle tech and whatnot. He is a boy through and through... I do have something up my sleeve for the site though - no, I can not stop thinking about designing. It's what I do. It's what I am ... Let's just say it involves a dowel possibly... and some plastic canvas which I would normally say yuk to (I am not a fan of plastic canvas. No sir, I didn't like it) but it will be hidden - completely hidden and only used for its plasticky ridgidness. I might just use plastic canvas all around instead of a dowel - although the dowel might still come in handly....

Oh! the suspense! I think it's going to be a hit with Collin. Okay. I know it will be a hit with him. It might bring some smiles to others too.... I'll be getting on that while he's not at home. It will be very culvert. I don't want him to know what is up my sleeves!!

Oh! Quilts! Here is a picture of my most recent one!

I made this for my son's teacher's son. He has stage 4 Hodgkin's and is going to be having a bone marrow transplant soon.

I wanted to make something to make his stay in the clean room a bit warmer - and not so hospital like. He is a HUGE LSU fan and with the help of some online friends I was able to obtain a bit of LSU material which I transformed in to a not so stuffy quilt.

I used my embroidery machine to do the stippling - a football design that I poorly digitized with the help of Embird... I will digitize more stippling designs now that I have found the tutorial on how to do them properly! I know he liked the quilt a lot - a picture of him holding it up was posted on his blog.

I'm really happy with the end result - oh and yes that is fleece on the backside. I used fireside fleece to be extra warm and snugly!


I finished up the first set of Smidgens yesterday! I think they are just too adorable - but then I am biased! I have had a lot of positive feedback from those that have seen the pictures - they are only about 7" tall from top of the head to the tip of their toes..... and you can make them jointed so they sit!

So far there is the dog, bunny and cat - want to name each one of them?

In the works? A set of monster smidgens! Monsters and robots are a hit so they are next on the to do list after I finish a request from one of my testers... which I will keep as a surprise until I have pictures!

Bumbles Bounce!


My yeti and bigfoot are out for testing right now.... hopefully my testers will finish theirs soon so that I can add him to the site... I wanted to go for the Bumbly look...
You know from the Christmas Claymation cartoon... yeah... you remember the one, don't you?

Well..... here is my yeti... picture him in fun fur! One of my testers did and I can't wait to show you the pictures of it - just adorable!
But for now.. here is the yeti and bigfoot... soon to be unleashed on a website near you!

He's not up but will be soon...!

And they're off!

The new website - - is up and running and getting a lot of traffic!

Are you wondering what the first pattern that was bought was? It happened about an hour after the site opened! Talk about nearly breaking down the door when it comes to a website!

It was Galen... and the pattern for the dress too!
Here is Galen - along with the other Critter Collection Barnyard Friends. The patterns can be purchased individually or in a combo pack for a discount - the discount being buy 2 get one half off - not too bad for a deal!

Here is the direct link to Galen..
Galen the Goat is the one on the right...
Also shown is Parker the Pig and Cameron the Cow

What else has been popular?
Monsters! Monsters! And more monsters!

Meet Dewey....

and 3 Eye Guy...

And the Robots are the talk of the universe!

Tobor and Cyclopsbot - both finishes are in the same pattern!

And then there's Mr. Roberto and his friend Mr. Roberto...

And Bubba Bubblebot who has been a favorite as well!

My kids are more in to space ships and rockets - and I have them - or at least I used to have them - they confiscated them and they are now in their rooms... I'll have to make more for Etsy I suppose...
Introducing Light Speed!

And the last picture I'm going to put up right now is another rocket... Warp Drive

Come and visit - I have new lower prices. They will not be lowered again until a sale is planned - which won't be until Summer.... so get out your hooks and create something great then send me an email with some fun pictures and I'll upload them to the site in the Gallery of Greatness - which will be appearing soon!