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Monday, March 30, 2009

On the Cover...

So I knew I was going to be on the cover of Creative Home Arts Magazine - which is sadly not available on the news stand... You have to have a subscription to get the magazine but it is only $12 a year so it's not too bad. I just subscribed because of my Rainbow Bunny being on the cover...
Over here on the left is the cover shot... so sweet!

But who knew that this bunny should actually be on the next season of Top Model? Strike a pose!
How on earth did they get him in to those positions??? I can't find anywhere the size of this bunny but it is HUGE. We are talking like 30" long huge!

So here's one of the other shots of him in the magazine. I am beyond proud of this guy!

I just had to share my wanna be skier Rainbow Bunny hot off the presses! Even cooler - I was sent three copies of the magazine! When I subscribed I told the woman that I was the designer - she must have sent me a care package! Very cool indeed.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Rawr! It's Plato!

Plato is done! And already up on the site!
I wanted to keep him all secretive and hush hush until I unveiled him. I do like a bit of a mystery and suspense every now and again....
But he's here...
Plato the Stegosaurus

Anyhoo..... Here is Plato and his other friend, Plato. Two finishes for the price of one hahaha. You can either go fun with the basic triangles or go for a slightly more accurate creation....

And did you notice where he was put? In a Prehistoric category! Hmmm... Could that mean there will be more Triassic, Jurassic, Cretaceous - maybe even Cenzoic creations in the future?
We'll see... I have moved on to something else though but sadly for you dino lovers, it is not another dino...

On another note - can you believe that Buster the Bunny and that the Caron Sock Monkey Toy have both been downloaded over 500 times already? That raindrop can not even come close to beating that! Not that I am slagging the serene raindrop but I don't see her catching up to those two any time in the near future!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

It's Notta Cat Monster

So I have to say It's notta cat okay?! lol.
Seriously. I created a monster and it does kind of remind me of a cat - a rather mutant one with an extra bit on the top of his head but I do love him. I did not intentionally make him in orange and blue being all yeah for Auburn University and all. I have to admit to a bit of total laziness... Here I am on the couch.. and I wanted to add some facial embroidery - well, the burgundy just did not pop.. there was no black to be seen so I spied at the end of the couch a skein of blue. sold! Blue embroidery it was! So sorry to any Auburn fans - it was not intentional just looked good together so I flew with it!

He will soon be out for testing and hopefully be up on the site soon.

And then the dinosaurs marched in.....

I am nearly completely done with a dinosaur. All I can say now is that he is pretty darn cool. He is just a stegasaurus but he is my stegasaurus. It isn't the first one I have designed though - and is loosely based on the previous one that was published in Creative Home Arts Magazine - although he is much smaller - more like half the size.

I did not just resize the pattern... I did start from scratch but when you have a style things just are very reminiscent no matter what you do to them. I'll post up pictures after I get all those spikes sewn on to his back and complete the second one. This one will have two different ways to finish it off so I get to do double duty with the hook and yarn...

Monday, March 16, 2009

The Cat has a name and the cows have been corralled!

Curiosity the Cat has been released on - check out this feisty feline here.. Crocheted Animals Category He didn't have a name but then Curiosity got the better of me and out with El Gato and in with Curiosity!

Have you been wondering what that last bovine looks like? She's out for testing - so who knows - those cows might actually be up by the end of the week - we'll see how fast those testers of mine can whip these guys up lol...!

I will be back on the design couch tonight with a new project in mind.... I'm going to keep it a secret since I don't even know what I am going to end up making yet! I am going to let the yarn tell me what to create after I go to the yarn closet, close my eyes, reach in and grab a few skeins of yarn.. whatever I pull out is going to become my next project! Who knows what I will end up with!!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

The return of the Sock Monkey...

For those that have made sock monkeys that sounds like a great title for a monster movie - sock monkeys the size of Godzilla squashing houses and cars as they come to town - reproducing faster than cockroaches.... but wait! A little lost girl is standing in the middle of a street with this army of sock monkeys about to demolish her when the love of sock monkeys pours out of her heart and all the sock monkeys magically shrink to cuddle size and she picks up the leader and gives him a hug... awwwww.... happy endings...

Well. I for one can not say the same about sock monkeys! It was Autumn, 2006. I was asked to create a sock monkey - and was sent yarn... I created said sock monkey and all along was not happy - It is hard for me to design something as shapeless as a sock monkey - not difficulty wise but I like shape and style - sock monkeys are kind ofwell, stuffed tubes sewn together... so I made said sock monkey and sent him in.... Well... Long story short turns out it wasn't quite what they were looking for and I needed to remake a monkey... They sent the monkey back to me (who soon afterwards became named something not very nice considering that when you sat him down his tail would stick up between his legs.... but we are not going to go there) anyhoo.... replacement monkey created and sent in - still shapeless by my standards but he was exactly what they were looking for - a sock monkeyesque monkey....

Well... It goes to print... pattern pulls all over the country are being ripped off their little pattern pull pads... someone in one of my Amigurumi yahoo groups slags me for making such a crappy shapeless pattern and that she could not get it to look like the one in the picture and so on and so forth... I take out sock monkey pattern - I had not even looked at the for nostalgia one that I had been given by my mother - and well... yup. wrong pattern... it was for the original monkey!

So It has been almost two years since that pattern was realeased... My website goes up and I email Caron after a few weeks to let them know it was up and running - and I get an email back the next day - asking for the right sock monkey pattern... It got edited and it is on its way back to the printer for a second printing of the pattern....
And I was given permission to post it up on the website to my surprise and total glee. I'm tickled that I can get it up on the site and release the right sock monkeyesque monkey - who was given the creative name *Sock Monkey Toy*

Now to work on their stuffed animal naming.... yeah. They all need names of one sort or another - and I have fallen prey to that - My Smidgens are not named - but hey! Smidgens itself is the name... and I'm really not sure if I am going to name each cow in the Bevy of Bovines... although I'm sure I will. Two out of three of the patterns are out for testing.... I still have time to think!

Til then... The Sock Monkey has returned...
You can download him here..
Sock Monkey Toy

Thursday, March 12, 2009

OH Bull!

The second in the Bevy of Bovines set is completed... I will be working on the final one soon - maybe even today. We shall see.... I am a bit hoarse today. My throat is scratchy and froggy and my face feels a bit warm... I am not feeling the healthy love today... so we shall see how much I actually get done!

I got the ears the way I want them and I am pleased with the bull....! How often can you actually say you are pleased with a bit of bull?

He's roughly 6" tall and 6" long - just a good size over all!

I am not sure what is next on the design couch after these guys. I am still in the middle of a set of Russian stacking dolls... I really need to get them done... but I also have some fabric crocheted baskets that are ready to get remade and edited. So many projects... so little time!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


I have been talking about the Smidgens and just realized that I have not posted any pictures of these guys! There's Bunny, Dog and Cat - yes, so creatively named. Dog. Bunny. Cat. Hey! You can't have brilliant names for everything, right? They are Smidgens after all and that part is creative! The set of three are together and are ready to go! Here is a direct link to them...

Well. I am going back to the design couch and work on some more cows! One down, two to go!

A Bevy of Bovines is pulling out of the corral soon!

The first in a trio of cows is done - and the other two are soon to follow! The first one is a longhorn steer! I just had to come out of the rodeo cage just wild! I'm smitten with him!

But before that cow moves in to your heart check out this cat! El Gato is out for el testo and will be up sooner than the cows! Look for this feline to debut in the next week...!

New this week? Monoster and the first set of Smidgens! The Smidgens are a trio of cuties with jointed arms and legs just waiting to be posed and played with! Monoster also can have jointed arms and is not going to take no for an answer! Check them out in the Creatures & Monsters category and the Animals category - the Animals category is new and already getting filled in the upcoming weeks!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

New Free pattern and another monster on the way!

It has been a few days since I have updated my blog and I am so sorry! I have been super busy. Next week is the school's book fair and I was helping set up and then took a day off and did some errands and just tooled about town hitting thrift stores looking for elusive bargainy goodness :) I did end up finding some super fabric at a rummage sale. Gotta love a good rummage sale!!

I have uploaded Buster Bunny. He is my latest free pattern!
He can be found here....

Now on to what is around the corner...

Can you Monoster?
Yes... the mono eyed monster.
There is 3 Eye Guy and now there is Monoster... He is out for testing right now and hopefully will be debuting on the site before the weekend is over!
I will certainly let you know when he is up and looking around the site..

I can say he will be in the Creatures & Monsters category here...

The first of the Smidgens are soon to reach the site as well. They are being tested as well! The first set of Smidgens are animals - cute pets - a dog, cat and rabbit... the next set are going to be robots and the third set will be monsters...!