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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Perfet Sized Stuffies are up on the site!

Last night I released the Perfect Sized Stuffies to the site.
The headhunter, hula dancer, devil and the base pattern of course are up on the site very reasonably priced. I do try to keep prices on the low side.

I am starting to work on more scalps/hair for this series as well as removable clothing. I'm hoping to get some ready for next weekend. I have a few testers with several of these dolls already made up and just waiting to be finished off.

I will say that within minutes of the Perfect Sized Stuffie series going live I had my first sale with them. That did not take long. I'm not sure if the purchaser just happen to be on the site and said oh my! Look at that! of if they saw pictures on Ravelry, crochetville or Craftster... who knows.

David will be working on more improvements on the site in the upcoming weeks as well. He has several things on his to do list - some of them are technical requests from me and others are things to make surfing the site easier - like the ability to have one item in two different categories. I know it seems like a trivial thing and those of us that do not work with computers much but apparently it is a big thing with writing perl and websites. He is working on it though!

Spring fever has hit me as well and I have been gardening like a madwoman! I'll be taking some pictures today to show off what all is in bloom. I promised to make this a not always business blog! I regret that I missed taking pictures of the flowering almond when it was in full bloom. That is such a beautiful shrub but my variegated weigelia is gorgeous! I'm so happy it is doing so well!

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