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Thursday, March 12, 2009

OH Bull!

The second in the Bevy of Bovines set is completed... I will be working on the final one soon - maybe even today. We shall see.... I am a bit hoarse today. My throat is scratchy and froggy and my face feels a bit warm... I am not feeling the healthy love today... so we shall see how much I actually get done!

I got the ears the way I want them and I am pleased with the bull....! How often can you actually say you are pleased with a bit of bull?

He's roughly 6" tall and 6" long - just a good size over all!

I am not sure what is next on the design couch after these guys. I am still in the middle of a set of Russian stacking dolls... I really need to get them done... but I also have some fabric crocheted baskets that are ready to get remade and edited. So many projects... so little time!

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  1. I'm really not into cows, but as far as cows go, "Beatrice Bovine" is about as beautiful as they get.