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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Holy Handbag! An error has been spotted!

Corlene was super to let me know an error was found in the Realistic Bona Fide Skeleton! He had a broken pelvic bone which one can only imagine as being very painful in real bones but in a crochet pattern when you get to something and the math just does not add up it's just as painful!

Round 10 of the pelvic bone has had surgery and now he's good to go and can be downloaded again in your download area - although if you want to save a bit of paper you can correct your print out with a quick slip of the pen
Round 10 should read....
Round 10: Sc in 3, sc2tog twice, sc in 6, 2sc in 2, sc in 5 (20)

What do you get when you have a Head Hunter without his spear?? A very under dressed head hunter! Redownload that file to get this latest in savage fashion accessories! Your Head Hunter will thank you! How can he go to work without all of his tools?!

If ever you find an error please let me know! I strive to create fun, easy to understand patterns that are error free. Sadly, I am still only human. I won't be upset if you contact me to let me know a ball got dropped - I will actually be extremely happy that you took the time to contact me so I can get it fixed for good!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Every Day is Halloween

The last design I made was the Realistic Bona Fide Skeleton and I loved him! He was so challenging and realistic and detailed.... these guys though? Well, I went with a whimsical approach and have started working on classic horror movies. I grew up loving horror movies and books so I have begun my homage to them!

Behold! Frankenstein.... the Bride of Frankenstein and Dracula!
I brought them all back from the dead and gave them new life in acrylic yarn!
They will be hiding out in the Halloween and Creatures and Monsters groups!