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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Wristlet Round Up - A List of Free Wristlet Purse Tutorials

I belong to several yahoo groups for quilting - there's no surprise there, I know... This morning one of the ladies in one of the groups wrote in looking for a wristlet tutorial... so as I was compiling a list for her I thought - hey, I really need to compile a list here!
Some may be new to you as well! I will be adding to this list of wristlets - and creating more super lists in the future!

carriebee /archive/2008/03/
diyhandbags - wet paint wristlet-tutorialThis one is one of my favorites!
two peas in a pod
uhandbag rather sexy
7layerstudio ribbon-drawstring-pouch

Cuff or Bracelet style (wrap and snap!) wrist-or-ankle-pocket

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